Episode 47 is a landmark episode. It represents the number of times Joe or Kevin have uploaded a podcast for our growing fanbase, but it also represents a number that is near and dear to Joe’s heart. I have no idea why, but its one of his favorite numbers, so Kevin let him take this one alone. While Kevin recuperates from Carpal and Cubital Tunnel surgery, Joe runs down the details on one of the most important announcements of 2019. Borderlands 3 is upon us – and if you’ve listened to the show at least once you know Borderlands 2 is Joe’s favorite game.

Side Note: While this is a quick and dirty Solo-Joe special, we’ll be back at together soon to discuss all the new Battle Royale news, along with Battlefield V’s Firestorm. We’ll be back to discuss the news on PS5 and the next XBox One, as well as the concerns around Google’s newly announced virtual gaming system. For now, feast your ears on this delicious taste of awesome and hear Joe out as to what is coming in BL3.

Get it.


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