Outward Game Evaluation Review


Are you the type of gamer that want to sit, chill and play an easygoing game? This game evaluation will show why you should KEEP AWAY from Outward.

This game was developed to kick you out from your comfort zone, to challenge your “gaming benchmark” and to make you learn by failing. Die, die, die and die again…

The pleasure of Outward is at the end of the journey and not at the beginning of the game. You get tired first to have satisfaction after. Hold on, be strong, learn the game and when you master it, the joy will be immeasurable.

The Evaluation

Outward evaluation reveals to gamers all aspects of the game in-depth. As you read, it will give you key information to make a decision on buying or not the game.

For The Partisan Spy this work was a huge step towards building an open evaluation methodology and rethinking the scoring system.

For gamers the concept of “Potential Hours of Fun” was extremely abstract and extrapolate hours as a way to estimate the final result was understood by few. While we still believe in the concept, we decided to safe it to a future with more data to support it.

At the first post of this series you will find the full story of this project and see how the evaluation methodology is progressing (read here to understand full story).

Finally, are you strong enough as player to challenge Outward? Don’t forget to read the evaluation and find out (click on it to see it in detail).

If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the evaluation:

Watch the gameplay while The Partisan Spy was evaluating Outward.

Make comments below and chat with us or The Partisan Spy.

Coming up next days: other 3 evaluations from The Partisan Spy!  


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