The Division 2 Game Evaluation Review


What a game review! The Division 2 is the attempt to elevate its brand in the gaming community to a “cultural flag”. Some speak and live it as a reality already and there is no reason to deny The Division is on its way to compete with big titles as COD and Borderlands.

It’s a straight forward game to understand. RPG + Open World + Shooting game. If you are into this genre and don’t bother with a bit of grinding, The Division 2 will give you hundreds of hours of fun and a huge gaming community to share experiences.

The Evaluation

As the first big title to run through The Partisan Spy evaluation, it helped the process by setting new standards to the methodology. (read here to understand full story).

The Division 2 was a big test on how many hours of gameplay the evaluation should have. The Partisan Spy played the game for 50 hours to understand how far he should go and still be productive.

It was also a test to the Mood Tracker concept “Lovers & Likers”, which with redditors inputs evolved to a different graph style showing information more accurately. (see on this article how the Mood Tracker changed)

Are you a RPG + Open World + Shooting game lover? Are you searching for a gaming community to be part of? Read the evaluation and maybe you will find the game you are searching for (click on it to see it in detail)!

If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the evaluation:

Make comments below and chat with us or The Partisan Spy.

Watch The Partisan Spy gameplays.

Coming up next days: other 2 evaluations from The Partisan Spy!

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