Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Game Evaluation Review


Some gamers have a big resistance about oriental games, its not
The Partisan Spy case. Love for Mario Bros and Street Fight franchises back then made him extremely receptive to games coming from the other side of the world. Known by most, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was developed by Team Ninja, a Japanese game developer.

As big as Final Fantasy franchise is, expectations will always be high. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT carry its name and was a great deception.

Alpha, beta, early access. All these terms allows games to be incomplete. That was not the case of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Furthermore, if a game use these terms, gamers should be smart enough to only play it if it is offered free access.

“I believe that if you pay for a game, the game should be 100% ready. I see no one buying a car and after the purchase, being communicated that the tires will come along later.”

The Partisan Spy

Dissidia crashed a lot and it was a general problem for numerous gamers.

Dissidia is a PVP based game that took 10-15min to find matches that last 5 to 7 minutes.

Dissidia led gamer to believe there was a story mode (PVE) on the game and there wasn’t.

The Evaluation

The great thing about this evaluation is that has shown there is limit. The methodology allows stopping to play unplayable games and impacts on the final result. (read here to understand full story).

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