Dawn of Man Game Evaluation Review

Dawn of Man or Beginning of Man

Everyone interested in creating content must have already heard the same advice. Maybe not with the exact same words, but always repeated by the Content Generation Community.

Whatever you plan on doing set no expectations of success.

Find something original and that you love doing it.

This way, being successful or not, you will keep doing it and having a good time.

If you are having fun, does it matter how many people are watching you?

The feeling of finding THE content you love to produce must be surely incredible. That is what The Partisan Spy felt after finishing his first game evaluation.

Coincidence or not, the first game The Partisan Spy work on is called Dawn of Man. The game simulates the beginning of mankind and all challenges our ancestors had to face. The beginning of a beautiful journey that we lived today.

That was the start of The Partisan Spy content project. A small sand grain when compared to the meaning of Dawn of Man, but for sure a symbolic start for this new journey.

The Evaluation

First of anything is a mix of fear and excitement. Weeks of methodology and design planning exposed to be judge by fearless redditors.

Plan, do it, learn…

Plan again, do it again, learn again…

Plan again and again and again…

This is the pattern of developing and perfecting an evaluation methodology, as is the challenge of Dawn of Man. A simulation game for gamer that love to learn patterns and plan future moves.

If you are into logic and thinking games Dawn of Man can be your next challenge as it also brings different levels of difficulty. But before making your decision, check the evaluation (click on it to see it in more details) and don’t stop at the evaluation if you have questions about the game:

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