The best thing about Rage 2, has nothing to do with aesthetics, story-line, missions or special powers. The game rewards players that play it with RAGE!

Common mechanics about PVE shooting games: you find a safe spot, peek and shot until everyone is dead. Doing that at Rage 2 is a bit more difficult (but still possible) as enemies advance to your position, but that’s not the point.

If you choose to play it with rage and CHARGE IN with GUNS BLAZING you get all benefits! Practical benefits: collect more feltrite (restore HP and points for upgrades) and fill faster energy booster. Emotional benefit: you will have 10 times more fun!!

This way, being successful or not, you will keep doing it and having a good time.

Best part of going in as a TRAIN out of control are the combos you can make: weapons + special abilities.

“Play it with RAGE and live up to its name!”

The Evaluation

Rage 2 evaluation is solid, brings aspects of the game that no other review in the market gives to gamers. It found common ground with most of the gamers.

The evaluation methodology has grown to a point where redditors (not all of them and there will always be a few) stopped criticizing it. The comments now question the opinion and scores of the game instead of defying the methodology. It’s a good feeling for The Partisan Spy.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work to do. Gamer are used to the usual 0 to 10 rating system which is unfair with epic games, as almost every game gets a +7 score, and with gamers that are influenced by “fake” scores.

To help them understand the methodology behind the scoring system were done design changes at that section. Changes that will be better described on our next post.

Do you think you have the necessary rage to play this game? Calm down, read the evaluation (click on it to see it in more details) and be smart on game purchase. If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the evaluation:

Make comments below and chat with us or The Partisan Spy.

Watch the gameplay while The Partisan Spy was evaluating Rage 2.

Hear the latest Backlog Podcast where we talk to The Partisan Spy about his evaluation methodology and much more!

Next following days we will post for you guys the evaluation for American Fugitive, a game inspired on GTA 1 & 2.


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