Every heavy gamer already had or will have the feeling of “I am tired of all games I play. I need a break, but I still want to play something”. Feels like being at the Limbo, what to do? American Fugitive is your answer!

Easy, chill, lay back, enjoyable game that you can play having a beer and/or chatting with friends. At the same time there is no game pressure, you are killing and beating up people. Does not seem to make sense, but trust it, it is a great time killer.

Set expectations right, this is a PVE casual game, and you will have a great time, as The Partisan Spy did.

The Evaluation

As promised on the last article, the biggest changes done in the last 2 evaluations were in the Score Meter section. Possibly, it is the most important section of the evaluation as reveal its result.

The challenge at this section to explain the new evaluation methodology of games while giving the results. Since the WWZ evaluation we have being adjusting design, wordings and methodology so gamer can better understand it.

The biggest change was on the design aspect, bringing score meters to explain the score system was essential to gamers understand the relation between negative and positive points and how each variable compensate each other.

Small changes on wordings also helped a lot to explain the idea that there is no low or high score on the methodology. The scores represents what each offers to the gamer and this is the reason why at this methodology is fair to compare casual games with hardcore games.

The actual rating systems are unfair to hardcore games when they offer more to gamers and get same scores as casual games.

Wanna a game to chill? No rush, read the evaluation (click on it to see it in more details) before buying American Fugitive and be smart with your money. If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the evaluation:

Make comments below and chat with us or The Partisan Spy.

Watch the gameplay while The Partisan Spy was evaluating American Fugitive.

Watch awesome and funny highlights of the game.

Hear the latest Backlog Podcast where we talk to The Partisan Spy about his evaluation methodology and much more!


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