As its current state (early access game), Hell Let Loose is one of the most immersive war games we had the chance to play of all time. You are part of army with well-organized hierarchy. This army is divided into squads lead by a commander. To organize this 50 player army there are comms channels: nearby, squad and command channel.

The combination of an intense combat gameplay and constant communication make you feel you are in middle of a real war. If you give a chance to the game and instead of just listening to the comms channel, you chat, obey orders, report intel… deeper you will go into the game and into war!

Another great surprise, for The Partisan Spy about Hell Let Loose is that it honors the EARLY ACCESS term in every way. Since Minecraft success (biggest case on the industry that allowed gamers to play a game while in development) the early access term has been attractive to developers as there are a lot of benefits, biggest ones are:

1. Gamers are more flexible about bugs and broken things

2. Build a community around the game, as (in theory) gamers has an open forum with developers

3. Early monetization of the game

To be an Early Access game (or beta) developers need to deliver at LEAST the core of game. Truth be told, today this is more of an exception than a rule as some developers focus monetization benefit instead of delivering a proper Early Access experience.

So if you want understand what a REAL Early Access game is, play Hell Let Loose.

The Evaluation

Time flew by playing and evaluating Hell Let Loose.

The challenge at this section to explain the new evaluation methodology of games while giving the results. Since the WWZ evaluation we have being adjusting design, wordings and methodology so gamer can better understand it.

Every new game genre, mode or category is a test for the evaluation methodology. To apply the methodology at hardcore PVP game for the first time and see that the results can be equally compared with the previous games evaluations show the maturity of the work.

Small changes on wordings also helped a lot to explain the idea that there is no low or high score on the methodology. The scores represents what each offers to the gamer and this is the reason why at this methodology is fair to compare casual games with hardcore games.

This is something the gaming community don’t have and the today’s game rating system misleads gamers. A casual game can be rated a score of 9, same way God of War can be. Easy to see there is something wrong when it’s put this way, right?

Do you think you have the courage to go to a real war? Are you the one? Before making this decision, read the evaluation (click on it to see it in more details) and don’t risk “head shooting” your money. If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the evaluation:

Make comments below and chat with us or The Partisan Spy.

Watch the gameplay while The Partisan Spy was evaluating Hell Let Loose.

Hear the latest Backlog Podcast where we talk to The Partisan Spy about his evaluation methodology and much more!


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