Developer: Kinemotik Studios
Publisher: Andromeda
Price: 19.99 Early Access
My Price: Free Review Copy
Final Score: 92

When I first played a Rythm based VR game like Beat Saber, I was hooked. The movement, the tracking, the VR style arena, the awe of it all… and the sound.  It all meshed perfectly in such a simple game.  Rythm based games have been an amazing part of our gaming culture for quite some time – when games like Kareoke Revolution and DDR Max were household names, we just couldn’t get enough of our music based gaming.

Rockband and Guitar Hero brought us a new way to play rythm games, and the end result is perfection in VR.  Audio Trip builds upon the incredible foundation that Beat Saber has successfully embraced – with new ways to handle the beats, Audio Trip feels like a fresh new idea while keeping the same concept we know and love.  Slash, Pound or Tunnel yourself through each song – work up a sweat – and dance your way to new high scores.

At the time of this writing, Audio Trip is Early Access for now – and it only has 10 songs available.  With a low price-tag of $20, I’d definitely recommend this game knowing they will be adding 10 more songs once it leaves Early Access.  But that’s the question – will it ever leave Early Access?  I say it will, because there is just too much going for this game.  It’s well built, stable, fast paced and fun.  These types of games sell VR because it doesn’t seem to induce motion sickness and people grasp the concept pretty easily.  I’m not a fan of having to wait for music packs – and I hope that this game gets a side-load option like Beat Saber has – but I know the music industry folk like to get their huge cuts of profit – but $20 bucks for 20 songs – that’s worth it. Skrillex, deadmau5 and Lady Gaga highlight the first 10 for Early Access.

I played this game on Windows Mixed Reality -> Steam VR with an HP WMR Headset.

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