Initial release date: July 30, 2018
Mode(s): multiplayer
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Engine: Unreal Engine
Genre: Survival game
Platform: Xbox One

Price: Free to Play w/ microtransactions

My Price: Free Starter Pack provided

Final Score:80

Vigor is a unique Battle Royale game from Bohemia Interactive that definitely has hints of what makes DayZ a great game sprinkled with increased suspense and action.  I like how Vigor plays, allowing you to mold a play style of survival or pressure, amongst an even playing field (aside from boosts).  Boosts are purchasable using the in-game currency (which can be accrued in-game by completing tasks or by spending cold-hard cash) and allow you to retain your weapons and whatnot after the round is over – making things slightly easier.

The goal here isn’t just to be the last man alive, it’s to make sure you get the loot and materials you drastically need to secure your shelter, defend, attack, and escape.  The game-play and controls feel a bit more stiff than a COD, BF or Fortnite game,  and feel closer to that of DayZ.  That works for this style game, but with the fast paced maneuverability of these other games, it definitely feels somewhat lacking.

The game has some issues, including minor banding & character model glitches – and sometimes waiting for a round to start can take a while.  Even through that, the game is fun at its core and the Micro Transactions don’t put too much of a Pay2Win feel with the boosts.  I find it funny how expensive the costumes tend to be, but they gotta get paid somehow. I imagine the store would be more profitable if they pumped out a ton of costumes and outfits for much lower price.  Fortnite can charge that much due to demand but these other games charging as much for less detailed characters is a shame.

All in all, I give this game an 80. It’s a decent game, free to play, and gives a unique look at Battle Roayles. I’d like to see it on more platforms and a bigger player base, but it is what it is.  You should check it out – it’s worth the time to try it.

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