Developer Layopi Games
|Publisher: 1C Company
Genre: Action Adventure
Multi-player: No Multiplayer/No Online
Rating: M
Release Price $34.99
My Price: Free Review Copy

In Devil’s Hunt, you play as Desmond, formerly a rich guy by day and underground Boxing Champion by night.  Now an employee of the Devil, Desmond quickly seeks a guy who may help them win the war, or possibly allow him to break his contract.

The game felt similar to God of War 3 meets Diablo – with less fighting options, characters, combat, etc.  The initial flow felt pretty good, but the enemies were limited.  I got bored of the combat here and there, but some of the boss fights were decent… they just took way too long.

It would have been nice to have an introduction back story on Desmond. You are kind of thrown into the character without any real details to explain who he is and why he’s so rich.  It’d be nice to care more about him.  There also isn’t much replayability on this game.  Once you beat it, you probably won’t pick it up again.  You can beat it in what felt like under 10 hours, and at $34.99 that’s not a bad starting price for a mid-level game.

I didn’t hate the game by any means, and with an initial discount price, they know they aren’t trying to trick you into thinking this is an AAA title.  That being said, there are plenty of better games that go for much less right now (like Diablo or God of War 3 if you haven’t played them) so I would say wait for a sale unless you have an itch to play it.  You may not be disappointed.

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