Initial release date: Sept 12, 2019
Mode(s): multiplayer / single player
Developer: Digitalmindsoft
Genre: Real-time Strategy
Platform: PC
Price: $24.99
My Price: Free Review Copy Provided
Final Score: 30

In the days of Command and Conquer, Star Craft and others from generations ago, you would think this remaster/Remake wouldn’t be so terrible – the groundwork has already been laid, however this game played terrible.  I couldn’t get comfortable on the controls – the weapons were clunky and did not cause the impacts and destruction I expected.  I honestly couldn’t play this game for more than a half hour before I turned it off.  The graphics weren’t close to what I was hoping for, the mechanics were clunky at best, and the instruction was nil.

If you are a die-hard RTS fan, you may find joy in searching for a game and trying to make it work the way they hope it does, but honestly, there are better games out there that are free to play– so I suggest a hard pass at this one.

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