Ready for a fun trip to planet ARY-26?

If you are a fan of adventure, exploration, and collecting, check this game review, this can be the next one! I played Journey To The Savage Planet for +21 hours and completed 100% of the game. Here are the links to the review and my toplines.  

  1. You will explore, collect and shoot at this game.   
  2. Every element of the game is well connected and thought.   
  3. The game feels simple and at the same time, there is a variety of things to do and learn.   
  4. The game is polished, I played for +21 hours and didn’t find any bug.

Watch below the full game review.

The 3 Step Game Review for Journey To The Savage Planet

If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the game review. Check the list of links below:

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