Monthly Giveaways “Balance Changes”

After 15 giveaways and 42 gifted games, it’s time to some “balance changes”.

The objective of these changes is to bring us closer together and reward you for that. Long story short… there is no more luck involved. You participate, you win.  

The 2 Monthly Giveaways is now the Spy Missions Rewards!
And… We made a website page for it. Click here to check it out

It’s really simple to be part of it. There are 3 missions and as you complete them, you get the reward of your choice from the mission reward list. 

We start with a list of 38 games and every month new titles will be added. Soon, other digital rewards will be added, but we talk about that when it’s closer to happen.

If you spot any game you want, be sure to complete the mission ASAP before someone else claims it. 😉

See you around,
The Partisan Spy

Where to find The Partisan Spy:

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