The Backlog Podcast, hosted by Kevin Lane, brings you Episode 82 where we talk with Kevin’s son Jagger – a future E-Sports Entertainment Superstar.Jagger the Dagger and Kevin Lane CEO bring you some bigtime Backlog Discussion to go over some games we’ve been able to try and review. We also dive into the tippy top of our backlogs as we set the tone for the future of the Podcast.This episode tackles:

  • Fortnite
  • Just Cause 4
  • Hidden Through Time
  • 7th Sector
  • Williams™ Pinball: Volume 5
  • Story of a Gladiator
  • This War of Mine: Final Cut
  • VR Ping Pong Pro
  • The American Dream
  • Transport Fever 2
  • Conglomerate 451
  • Curse of the Dead Gods
  • Wartile
  • Apex Legends

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