25 hours of hacking-and-slashing!

Wanna take a break from Minecraft, but not that much?
Minecraft Dungeons can help you with that.

I played Minecraft Dungeons for 25 hours and completed 20 of 24 game achievements. These are my topline about the game:  

  1. It is a spin-off and a “good breather” game to Minecraft players. Easy and simple to play, a game made for kids, family, and friends.
  2. As most dungeon crawler and hack-and-slash games, it is all about smashing the same button through the entire game.
  3. Besides the fighting, there is also a bit of exploration and hero gearing-up.
  4. Similar to a Lego game, Minecraft Dungeons is fun as it is because it’s Minecraft. Rip-off the skins, break the blocks and you will find just another action adventure game.    

Read full game review at the website and watch gameplay highlights below.

The 3 Step Game Review for Minecraft Dungeons

If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the game review. Check the list of links below:

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