Last night, Adam and Alex of hosted Kevin as a guest on their podcast. The episode was a deep dive into the pros and cons of the newly released Firewall: Zero Hour. Check their website for the drop when it releases, and to catch up on their latest episodes. PlayPSVR


In this episode, Joe and Kevin discuss the top games of 2018, dive into memory lane with the Sims, get into the details of Kevin’s appearance on the PSVRlife podcast, and say our condolences to the victims of the senseless shooting in Jacksonville during the Madden 19 tournament.

Donkey Kong, Jurassic Park Evolution, Swords of Ditto, God of War, Destiny 2, Electronauts, Tilted Kilt, Firewall Zero Hour and so much more!


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Kevin just wrapped up a recording session, guest hosting with Danthol, of the infamous PSVR Life podcast.  PSVR Life is arguably one of the most popular podcasts focused on the Playstation VR Platform, and Danthol has put a ton of work into the VR Space, creating the website in addition to his podcast.  In episode 88 of the podcast, Kevin and Danthol get deep into the VR discussion while focusing on the big release coming up on August 28th.  There’s a ton of discussion in this episode, and you wont want to miss it.  The episode will be out in a few days, but for now, check out his website –, where you can listen to past episodes.


Howdy folks – We’ve got a quick update for you regarding our podcast hosting service.  We’ve made the decision now, rather than later, to migrate our podcast from to  During our short time at, we noticed minimal and non-responsive response times from their customer service staff as well as a locked down “RSS Feed” which means we can’t take our podcast where we want when we want to.  The transition has required us to re-create our first 11 episodes at our new host, – but luckily they are all the same episodes we’ve previously recorded.

Everything is set up and ready to go – and you can now direct your friends to our new host at

They have an app on iPhone and Android as well as a great player on the computer.  We look forward to the future with Anchor and hope you do too!  Thanks everyone.


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In this episode, Joe and Kevin discuss some of the games on the September 2018 release line-up, as well as VR Games Electronauts and Firewall Zero Hour. And given all the recent changes, we also share our feelings on if you should Pass on MoviePass.  All this and plenty more on this week’s edition of The Backlog Exposed.





In this episode, Joe and Kevin talk with up and coming Twitch Streamer Tom, known as “CalzoneOP” (  Tom had a recent surge into the limelight and we wanted to hear his take on what went down and how he’s adapted to all the recent changes.

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Please note that in this episode, there is some unfortunate audio quality speckled throughout that we were unable to work with – since we were unable to re-record the entire podcast, we’ve produced this episode for you and commit to ensuring future episodes do not suffer the same fate.  Please enjoy the show regardless!

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I am currently converting all of our podcast episodes to YouTube so that users have more ways to listen.  Eventually, our goal will be to include video of our podcast so that users can watch along as we talk shop.  You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel here:


In this episode, Joe and Kevin talk about Black Ops 4 BETA weekend #2, Speed Runs on classic games, Fortnite updates, Resident Evil 7: Bio-hazard in VR, Smoke Detectors and a whole lot of other stuff. Get in here and enjoy it already!  RIP Jim Neidhardt

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