Gaming Background

Joel has been playing games for a VERY long time now. He has two kids who love to play video games as much as he does, and he encourages it too! He is a console collector, with over 40 gaming consoles on display at his house, along with more than 200 retro style video games and their packaging. He’s always on the hunt for consoles, and if you have one, he’s interested. Joel also has a strong love for racing and first person shoot’em games, and for a long time he was stuck on Fortnite too.  After backing away, Joel jumped into Blackout.  Now he spends his time streaming games like Call of Duty Blackout, Fortnite, or games from his Backlog.


Gamer Tags

  • PSN: meandnotyou

  • Epic: meandnotyou

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All Time Favorite Games

Borderlands 2