Developer: EA Dice
Released: 11/16/2018 | Genre: First Person Shooter
Platform: PS4 | Price: $59.99 (Review Copy Provided)
By: Kevin Lane |
Hype Score: 90 | Final Score: 85
I was able to play in the private BETA for Battlefield V – and I was totally hyped.  I wanted to know what would change from Battlefield 1 to V, and honestly, it didn’t feel like a whole lot – In small detail, the maps and gameplay “feel” better – but it is hard to describe.  It isn’t as significant as trying to play an old Battlefield on a previous Gen Console, but player movement and maneuverability felt like it had more fluidity. I was drawn back to playing this game more often than when I was playing the previous installments.  I was really hyped up for the full release of the game.

Hype Score: 90

Battlefield V is graphically the most intense and realistic looking shooter I’ve ever seen.  From the vast and barren landscapes to the close quarters combat, each match is gripping and exhilarating.  As the newest installment of the Battlefield Franchise, I believe this game enhances what previous iterations already did quite well.  For example, the class based system allows for a more real to life example of the skill-sets those classes would provide. In addition, the character customization between each class and faction allows for more personalization, making the game your own when battling it out against 63 other players on graphically beautiful maps.
Not everything is perfect with Battlefield 5 – for example, the changes to the spotting system have made it difficult to adapt from the old way – but again, they have built out a more realistic version of this type of system, so I don’t have much of a problem with it.  Also, the game has a Pay to Win structure as  you can unlock better weapons, scopes, equipment, etc if you pay for it.  I’d prefer a more level playing field, which is why I tend to stick to Battle Royales these days.  Another knock on this game is that the anticipated Battle Royale mode did not release at launch.
Now that Firestorm has launched, we’ve had time to realize that it’s impact was minimal.  While fun to play, the pace and draw just isn’t the same as other shooters, let alone other Battle Royale games.  While I love and am sworn to the Battlefield brand due to the graphics and gameplay (especially the long range sniping ability), I feel like Firestorm didn’t capitalize on some of the major things other game (like Apex Legends) did right out the gate – such as loot creates and respawnability.  All in all, the game is fun, smooth and enticing – but it isn’t free and the player base isn’t there like in some of the other franchises. Its delayed release of Firestorm made for an underwhelming result – dropping my final score significantly.  
This game is living up to the hype that I built in my own head, but it unfortunately doesn’t have the same player-base. It’s beautiful. Graphically amazing.  The gameplay is more fluid than past Battlefields, almost having a Bad Company feel to it.  Unfortunately, I like playing games with friends – and none of my friends were willing to dive into Battlefield V.  I had a few different friends try the game with me, and each time they did, they enjoyed it – but not enough to buy it.  It’s a shame, because it is obvious great work went into the development of this game.  EA and DICE have broken their trust with many gamers, and their turn to loot boxes and crate style progress left a bad taste in the customer’s mouths, which I believe impacted the overall success of BFV.

Final Score: 82


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