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  • In Episode 55, Joe and Kevin get right into it talking about last week’s awesome acquisition of The Partisan Spy, a phenomenal game review writer now posting on  (check his reviews out here).  
  • They also are super excited to announce they are now paired up with a Fortnite Support a Creator Code (USE CODE BACKLOG in the FORTNITE ITEM SHOP)
  • Joe’s still sniping in Blackout – check out his YouTube here
  • Console still needs better custom controls and we talk about an idea posted online (see the Reddit Post here)
  • FitXR offers a giveaway code for their new game BoxVR (see it here)
  • We talk partnerships
  • And Kevin finishes it off telling us about his night at the Dan Band concert. Don’t know who the Dan Band is? You probably do and just don’t know it.  Check check them out here.
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