Show Notes:

Episode 74 – Pre-Dreamhack Atlanta Catch Up – DHATL19

Host: Kevin Lane
Fortnite Creator Code: Backlog

Show Notes:

Episode 74 – Wednesday  November 13th, 2019. Coupon Code TEAMEMAR for 20% off – use link at bottom of website for quick accessRecap & Current EventsDreamhack Atlanta the 15th-17th – The Backlog is Press Working on 2 shows Impromptu with Kevin Earl and Earl Babyface and the Heel (BatH)  with Alpha and Jimmy Thompson

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Developer        11 bit studios
Publisher          11 bit studios
Platform           PlayStation 4
Released           Windows April 24, 2018
PlayStation 4, Xbox One October 11, 2019
Genre(s)            City-building, survival
Mode(s)            Single-player
Price:                 $34.99
My Price:           Free Review Copy
Final Score:       85

I’ve had the opportunity to play quite a few SIMs and RTS Games in my day – from WarCraft/StarCraft to SimCity, Tropico and even Cities: Skylines… So when I play a game like Frost Punk, which feels like a strong mixture of both types of games, I got a bit of heightened excitement.  I didn’t expect to like this game as much as I did if I am being honest; however I liked how the game introduced us into the game with the understanding of what we’re up against.  The Cold, and Ourselves.

I spent a few different rounds working real hard on understanding the upgrades and cost/analysis benefit of dedicating engineers and workers to the different assignments.  I like how (similar to other Sims) they assign a name to each individual person walking around… I guess if you wanted to get too crazy you could focus on who is who and all that… but that’d be a bit crazy.  Instead, I put my focus into trying to keep up hope while making decisions that were how I’d want my own leadership to be.  The cool thing is that they give you all sorts of play styles.

My final score is 85.  I found the game to be deep and tense, with potential difficulties that surpassed my skills in these types of games.  At the end of the day, the only thing bringing this game down for me is the repetition and nature of these types of games. I can’t keep my attention on them long enough to go too crazy with them, no matter how much I enjoy SIM  type games.  That’s not a knock on FrostPunk though… I like how this game puts the focus on you while combating a natural enemy in The Cold.  I’d say wait for this one to hit a sale and swoop it up, or buy it now if you’re super interested in the concept. I’d say it’s worth the price.