Greedfall Review

Developer: Spiderd
Released: 9/10/2019 | Genre: Action RPG
Platform: PS4 | Launch Price: $49.99 (Review Copy Provided)
By: Kevin Lane |
Final Score: 82


I’ve been playing RPGs since the early 80s, bouncing from Final Fantasy to Dragon Warrior. I used to play games exclusively – either buying or renting one and playing until it was finished. Long ago are the days of games releasing in a complete state, without a Day 1 update or selling you DLC right out of the gate. 


Enter Greedfall – with no planned DLC and a game packaged with enough content to fill 30-60 hours of your time. With all the games available these days, it’s tough for me to pick one that will consume my time as much as a good RPG will do. When I get into an RPG O love, I tend to play it until I beat it – and with Greedfall, I aim to do just that. 


This game gives off strong Witcher 3/Dragon Age vibes, with a combat system that doesn’t seem overly complicated or too easy. The story (so far) is captivating enough to keep me intrigued, and while the cutscenes and dialogue scenes have a bit of robotic feel to it, I can let that go because it still feels fun. 


Overall, this is a game I have recommended to my friends who like RPGs as it does feel like a complete experience. Knowing there isn’t a y planned DLC lets me know that when it’s over, it’s over. I like that in today’s world given that there are so many games to play. While 30+ hours feels like a decent commitment, it’s one that I am making effortlessly as I play through. While I’m not a completionist, I tend to dilly-dally when playing games like this, so I’ll probably end up going over the low end of 30+ hours to beat it. 


Overall, I’ll give Greedfall an 82 due to its complete package, fun combat, great story, and decent graphics. To put it over the top into the 90s, I’d like to see more polished cutscenes with a less ‘animotronic’ feel. Long story short, this is a solid game and i recommend it.