Over the last few weeks and months, Brian Haynes has been making the difficult push to become a Twitch Partner. To accomplish this goal, Brian (known as ReaperOfHugs42 in the Twitch World) has built a community that relies on each-other – and he focuses on building others while building himself. He’s a very giving person – working full time as a Fireman and EMT, he also holds charity streams, as well as raffles and give-a-ways for his audience. You may be wondering what Twitch is… well, it’s a platform on the Internet for people to broadcast just about anything. They can play video games, cook in their kitchen, or even go live from a concert – and you can pull it up just like you would Netflix. It’s a phenomenon that hasn’t yet hit critical mass, so streamers like Brian are paving the way for the next generation of Twitch stars.

You can help Brian on his push for Partner by visiting http://twitch.tv/reaperofhugs42 or by finding him on social media at the handle @reaperofhugs42 – feel free to use #reaperforpartner to help let Twitch know he isn’t stopping until he gets it. This is a great episode – enjoy. You can also follow the Backlog on Twitch at http://twitch.tv/thebacklogpod   Episode65.png