With the Backlog Podcast becoming the official podcast of the LS5 community, it was fitting to bring on two of the founding members, Wiley (Nate) and Aciid (Colton), to talk about their gaming backgrounds and the foundation of LeakySquad.  Both Nate and Colton share plenty of details and get into some Gaming News discussion – which was held LIVE on http://Twitch.tv/thebacklogpod – be sure to follow the channel for up to date and live notifications. You can even support us by subscribing, donating, or just participating in the chat!

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Episode 60 Live Replay – Add Another One to the Backlog.

Episode 60 – Live Replay

Leave us a message – you could win a Gift Card or copy of BoxVR for PSVR. https://anchor.fm/thebacklogpod/message Watch this Episode as it was broadcasted “Live” on YouTube – see all four of our faces! – Click Here With another Landmark Episode in the books, The Dynamic Duo becomes a Squad in Episode 60 of the Backlog Podcast. First off, making his presence known quickly, Alex “ReaBayBay” Rea bought some equipment and made the commitment. He has agreed to Join J&K All the Way on a regular basis, providing additional insight as a “Gamer Dad” and lifelong gamer, and the Resogun World Champion. He’s funny, he’s witty, and by golly we’ve added him to our Backlog. Our special guest of the evening, KushyNugs, comes to us from the great state of Florida where he and his brother LeakyCrawfish run the “LeakySquad” – a growing community of like-minded gamers working together to promote each-other. So far its worked and the brothers have made a statement on games like Apex Legends, Overwatch and Counter Strike. All their information is below – and this won’t be the last time you hear from the LeakySquad on the Backlog Podcast. We aim to get others on, and Kush back again to talk about the community and grow together. Find the LeakySquad Discord: https://discord.gg/5umBFyE Twitter: http://twitter.com/leakysquad Find Justin AKA KushyNugs https://www.twitch.tv/kushynugs Find Leaky https://twitch.tv/leakycrawfish Gmail – LeakyCrawfish@gmail.com Instagram – LeakyCrawfish Twitter – CrawfishLeaky ———————————————————- THANKS FOR WATCHING!! ———————————————————- Website http://thebacklogpod.com Podcast http://anchor.fm/thebacklogpod Instagram https://instagram.com/thebacklogpod Twitter https://twitter.com/thebacklogpod YouTube http://youtube.com/thebacklogpod Twitch https://twitch.tv/thebacklogpod ———————————————————- Don’t forget to check out our e-sports gaming team: Team EMAR Gaming http://teamemargaming.com ———————————————————- Don’t forget to check out my cousin’s MMA Podcast MMA Marks (and follow them on Instagram & Twitter @mma_marks) ———————————————————-

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