Episode 70 is a special one… for the Kids!  This episode is dedicated to the Starlight Foundation, focusing on giving to those children in need.  Sick kids need to have fun  too, and Ridi is doing his part and raising money for the foundation in hopes to brighten some kids lives.  Ridikyool is a member of the LS5 community and we are very proud to have him represent us in this journey!

Ridikyool’s donation link for the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION can be found here: https://tiltify.com/@ridikyool1/starlight-starbright/donate

Remember to follow Ridikyool on Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/ridikyool1


With the Backlog Podcast becoming the official podcast of the LS5 community, it was fitting to bring on two of the founding members, Wiley (Nate) and Aciid (Colton), to talk about their gaming backgrounds and the foundation of LeakySquad.  Both Nate and Colton share plenty of details and get into some Gaming News discussion – which was held LIVE on http://Twitch.tv/thebacklogpod – be sure to follow the channel for up to date and live notifications. You can even support us by subscribing, donating, or just participating in the chat!

Thanks for listening – enjoy the show!