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In this episode, Joel and Kevin have a chill cast talking about thoughts for the future of gaming in 2020, what we’ve been playing, and primarily just trying to re-connect with the audience.

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In this episode, Kevin talks Dreamhack, Survivor Series and Google Stadia. He also takes some advice from a friend and we’re gonna try something new. <15 minute episodes.

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LIke MMA? How about UFC3 the video game? How about one funny bastard? You get all three when you listen to Episode 71 of the Backlog Podcast. Buddy is my real life cousin, and it’s awesome to have him on the show. Show him some love – listen to the episode, sub to their podcast and rate this thing on any app you can!  You can find all the links you need for Buddy right here: His co-host and my other cousin Ricky is on Twitch as well:

In Episode 52, Joe and Kevin talk about the re-branding of The Backlog Exposed Podcast – now primarily known as “The Backlog Podcast”.  They also get deep into the newly released World War Z and Joe provides a No Spoiler review of Avengers: End Game.  The podcast is packed with info and updates as well as great conversation. Stick around for the news, hang out for the laughs, and leave wanting more. That’s how we do it on the Backlog Podcast.



If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s time to start your week off right. Listen to Episode 50 of the Backlog Exposed Podcast.

There isn’t much to say other than Thank You.  50 Episodes in and it is just getting started.  Joe and Kevin tackle the status of the Podcast, think back to some fond memories over the past 50 episodes, and talk about some things to come.  Also, it wouldn’t be a good reminiscing of old Backlog  Podcast episodes without a few audio glitches in the mix.  Sorry for Kevin’s feed, there was some rabbits chewing his microphone cable.


In this episode of the Backlog Exposed, Kevin hosts return guest Jerry and newfound friend David as they overlook the mountains and casinos of Las Vegas, NV.  We talk about VR (All 3 of us have the PSVR) and what we expect in the next generation of consoles.  

This roundtable was recorded on a square table without all the studio equipment, but we do what we gotta do to deliver the goods.  Enjoy this special vacation episode and let it hold you over until next time.


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