Developer: Insomniac Games
Released: 9/7/2018 | Genre: Survival | Platform: PS4 | Price: $59.99
By: Joel Ruble |
Hype Score: 90 | Final Score: 93

Spider-Man has been talked about, commercials, trailer after trailer was shown. My mind was made up before the game was ever pre-ordered, GOTY. It has to be right? All the talk, hype and waiting only made it seem as if it couldn’t be a bad game. Day one i started playing and let me say, “AMAZING”, even that word doesn’t do the game justice. The colors of the characters, trees, city, skyline, it all seems so real. The way Spider-man moves through the city, the sounds, sirens, and people talking on the street, so incredible. At first I would catch myself walking around just to take in the scenery. After about 8 hours of game play I’m absolutely loving the game. So many side missions to do, bad guys to fight, people to save, an outstanding game that puts Spider-Man in the light for once.

Hype Score: 90

So once again Spider-Man is cleaning up the city from corrupt criminals and “other” thugs you will see throughout the game. I am 80% complete with the game and I am actually very impressed with how the story puts you into different characters shoes. SPOILER ALERT, I really like how you play other characters in the game and get their perspective on what they are seeing and going through. It brings the game full circle as you help Spider-Man as MJ in certain parts of the game. That was a great feature to add in the game. Spider-Man is always helping everyone and this time around you get to help Spider-Man.

All the boss fights are awesome, the in between fight scenes are amazing, the additional interactions with on screen button display to damage or continuing the fight. I said it before but the storyline keeps you on your toes. Helping Doctor Octavius in his lab and understanding his problems and trying to help him get over the hurdles. Helping Aunt May at the F.E.A.S.T facility with the homeless are just a couple of the amazing parts of this incredible story/journey this game takes you on. I rate this game high due to the fact I feel they but a ton of time and dedication into this game and it obviously shows.

Some final thoughts:

– There are very few aspects of the game i dis-like, but the main one is the movement on buildings.  It becomes a little tricky once you start crawling around.
– There are many reasons I like the game, here are just a few. The ability to have many, many costumes, each giving a different ability. The wide variety of missions to choose from, the ability to wear a suit but choose an ability from another suit. The free roam aspect is really fun as well.

I play a ton of video games and this one is on my top 5 list of all time favorite games. The re-playablilty is awesome, the entire game had my attention all the way. Never once did I get bored of missions or side quest. The stunning graphics keep you involved, the controls are as good as you can get. I have to say if you own a PS4 this needs to be in your collection hands down. This will be money well spent.


Final Score: 93