Every once in a while we like to dedicate entire episodes of the Backlog Podcast to other topics important to us and our listeners – so Episode 51 is dedicated to the newest Tag Team on Monday Night RAW, the Viking Raiders – otherwise known as The Viking Experience – otherwise known as The War Raiders – otherwise known as War Machine.

After Hanson and Rowe, current NXT Tag Team Champions,  arrived on RAW, fans were stunned to find out Vince McMahon changed their name at the last instant – first calling them the Berzerkers (ala the Jobber from years ago), and then settling on The Viking Experience – Ivar and Erick.  As someone who knows Todd (Hanson/Ivar) personally, this was a shock. The resulting meme and exposure turned into something more, and just before Raw on 4/22, their names changed again.  All we know is that their name doesn’t matter – the job they do in the ring does.  And on 4/22 RAW, their smash and bash of the Lucha Party was fun to watch. 

Sorry for the delay, but enjoy this take on the name change and what’s in store for the Viking Raiders.