A True Game Review for True Gamers

Game reviews were created to help us make right choices when buying a game. Therefore, credibility for a game review means it’s impartial, just, nonpartisan.

We believe that reviews at the gaming industry became “collectable badges”, a trading coin between developers and content publishers. More “badges” you collected and sticked to the game cover, better will be it’s sales. In other words, today, game review is a marketing tool to the industry.

Think about it… What does the score 8.9/10 tells you? Or 4.5 out of 5 stars? Half a star? Really?

We can do better. Above all, the industry and gaming community deserves better. This feeling and insight, moved The Partisan Spy to develop a game evaluation methodology that helps gamers understand the game in-depth without buying it. Exposing exactly what single scores, stars, 2min Youtube videos, etc… hide from gamers.

What Backlog Exposed is sharing with you in this article is the last published evaluation of his work in progress.

I am developing this methodology together with gamers in Reddit. Every evaluation I work on, it’s also published in gaming subreddits. Redditors comments helps me change and fix the methodology. And trust me on this, redditors are not always kind with my work.

The Partisan Spy

A game review methodology made by gamers to gamers. The biggest thing about this last published evaluation is that the entire methodology became open. This means that gamers can now understand how the game is evaluated and if they don’t agree with the evaluation, they can sum-up their own score.

The Evaluation

The evaluation done for WWZ have set the basis for the future of this methodology. For example:

Information is open and DIY;

Definition of the 6 biggest variables in a game: Price, UI, Story, Social Potential Status, Gameplay Mood and Grind Feeling;

Score system is set apart from traditional game reviews, it’s a meter that scores from negative to positive points;

The evaluation result is a set of 5 advices.

If you are interested in buying WWZ, we invite you to first read this evaluation (click on it to see it in more details). If you have questions about the game, don’t stop at the evaluation:

Listen to our podcast episode 53.

Watch the gameplay while The Partisan Spy was evaluating WWZ.

Make comments below and chat with us or The Partisan Spy.

In addition to this evaluation, next following days we will post for you guys the other 4 evaluations The Partisan Spy work on.